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In a very interesting move, CodeGear (aka known as Borland) has released Delphi for PHP, now this is a tool, which by name is quite a thing i have been waiting for. This is a RAD development environment, only for Windows, but remembering that Borland has a good history releasing products for othe platforms i am sure, that in the case of success the next platform will be Linux – there are millions of PHP enthusiasts all around the world, who will be more then excited getting such a tool for development under Linux. If not, there will be hundreds of people who will take over the open source framework of VCL for PHP that Borland(CodeGear) has provided, and implement it for Linux and Os X.

The Delphi for PHP features a very large collection of built-in components as usual for such development tools. There are even some components, that use AJAX for database access (MySQL and Interbase are supported, more database support is promised in the nearest future). The price for those who will buy it until the 31st of march is 261 euros, after that the price will rise to 308 euros. If its good as i hope, this is a software, i am going to get in the next couple of hours. =O)

I am downloading the Trial now, and for me it is the most excited and unexpected product for quite some time. I hope, that CodeGear with this Delphi for PHP will have a big list of successes as they have had in 80s and 90s. I am surely going to drop a few lines here on this article about the Delphi for PHP in the nearest future. Is this the tool, that is going to change the situation for dying Borland (CodeGear), and reposition the market around the PHP, ignore for so many years by the major developers ? I hope so.

Who’s going to be the next one to adopt their tool for PHP ? Microsoft with a .NET for PHP ?

One thought on “Delphi for PHP

  1. David Oster

    At last,
    the long expected tool from my favourite software company Borland.
    I have being using the trial version for about 2 days and I am just about to convert any php based web site I have to a D4PHP project!!!!!
    Yes it is THAT good.
    I am even thinking to let aside my Drupal community site and build my own from scratch!!!!
    Nothing against Drupal, it is the most amazing CMS I have ever seen, but now with D4PHP, giving some time, someone can built extraodinary web applications.
    Thank you CodeGear (Borland) and qadram for this fine tool.
    David Oster

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