Os X.5 Leopard in October

Apple Inc has announced a few days ago that the newest OS X version, codenamed “Leopard” will not be shipped in June as it was announced earlier, but only in October, as they still need time to finalize and to perfect the software. They also cited the development of iPhone (integration with OS X ) as one of the reasons for delay, the other reason is the fact, that they do not wish to ship bugged software. This is fine for me, as i prefer to wait for a good software, instead of using something unfinished or completely crippled software.

The “near final” copy of the “Leopard” (or also known as a beta – features complete, but still with bugs) will be available in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference. Interesting fact, that Apple Inc has hinted a lot of times, that at the current available builds, a lot of functionalities are still missing, which will be shown only at the “right time”, so at the moment let us hope, that in June we will finally see, what is supposed to be a supreme operating system.

There is a one disappointing moment for me, since i was expecting to buy a MacBook Pro in time with a “Leopard” appearance, but since then i do not see any requirement in delaying this acquisition, i am thinking in advancing in the next 2-3 weeks.

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