Interconfor lda

After 4 months of working and reworking and once again changing and altering, the Interconfor lda website is online. Interconfor is a private Portuguese firm, working in industry of furniture and construction components, which it provides for a very wide scope of different commercial firms. They help construction firms to develop custom furniture and equipment solutions for all types of apartments, and recently they have even started doing post-forming on the furniture components, which allow them to provide exclusive solutions in Portugal.

This Interconfor web site was created using XHTML 1.0 strict DTD and CSS 2.1 profile, the design has some nonlinear things, which i implemented, for example, while having a fixed width, it has a lot of things, which are “out of the box”, solved by the fluid design css properties. What it means, is that its not that square and fixed as a fixed design used to be.

The site while still unfinished was asked by the client to be put online today, so even though it has some glitches, and backoffice products are not really inserted by the client, and there are some XHTML validation errors, the site went online a couple of minutes ago. The compatibility and the rest of the standards are eventually going to catch up during the next 10 days, as it happens a lot of times with web sites, done for impatient clients.

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