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Portuguese Government has their official blog now. It is called “A Nossa Opinhão” (in transl. our opinion), which is quite a serious name for a blog. =O) No politic opinions will be ever published on my blog, so do please not make any interpretation about my personal opinion. The fact, that the Portuguese government has finally started reaching out to the internet, is a very important pass into the future.

Just like the vast majority of the bloggers at the moment, the Portuguese government blog is based on WordPress, but their blog implementation is quite an interesting subject for an investigation – first of all is the question, which version of WordPress is it running, is it the infamous 2.11 with all the bugs and back doors inside ? Secondly, Andreas Viklund should not be very happy about his theme been used for the portuguese government blog, but no credits were left on their page, the only thing that points out to him is the commentary, which was probably forgotten at the footer of the blog’s page.Well, i think that he should know about this fact right at this moment, as i have left a commentary on his page =O) Third is the accesibility of the page is quite frankly forgotten – it is quite clear, that the text is being inserted into the blog, directly from the Word – by copy and paste, otherwise such nasty things like this:

<p class="MsoNormal" style="margin-left: 18pt; text-align: justify; line-height: 200%"><span style="font-size: 11pt; line-height: 200%; font-family: Verdana">

or having code like that:


A very interesting aspect is a design of the site, as right now it has no archives and has no menu what so ever, but with the time it should have them, or at least i hope, that the site “designer” will include them on the main page. The title of the blog is all caps “A NOSSA OPINHÃO”, which stays for screaming, but may be it is the idea of this blog… to scream at the readers, which are uncapable to comment on any of the subjects. This is a good idea, since there would be way too many comments not on the subject from all the scam of the net and from the opposite parties as well =O)

Anyway i just want to congratulate António Costa, the portuguese minister of internal affairs, with a creation of a this blog, with advancing and pushing the others into the digital age, as it is extremely important. Good luck with the exploring and facing the reaction of the net. =O)

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