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As weird as it could appear a couple of years ago, right now i think it is slowly becoming a possibility – PHP.NET. Microsoft is collaborating with Zend for creating a FastCGI module for a new IIS 7.0, and parallel they are developing iron python for .NET. Sure thing that it is still far from becoming a reality, but from the other side, microsoft has never managed to motivate the biggest part of the internet community development moving from PHP to some of their technologies and they’ve been trying a lot lately – like releasing community editions of the Visual Studio and SQL Server.

This week the world have seen the collaboration announcement between Novell and Microsoft, in which (as usual) Novell is going to pay about 40 million dollars to Microsoft. For me this all is a part of a bigger Microsoft’s plan for advancing on the web market. Thinking from the Microsoft’s point of view i would say, that it makes a lot of sense in implementing Php.NET, cause with a commercial solution some of the developers would chose to buy Microsoft products, especially those developers, who are already using Visual Studio products. Being a regular VS user, i confess that this could be an option for a lot of people i know from the developers area. This could help Microsoft, conquer the part of the market, which since the very beginning being ignoring opportunity to pay the fees to them…

The most important aspect is that PHP’s implementation for .NET is not something from the other world, as they have now managed to implement python and i know about some commercial adaptations of Cobol and Fortran, so PHP’s adaptation in every sense would make a reasonable solution for Microsoft, but would it be so reasonable for end developers and users ? How would Zend act in such situation, and what about Sun’s Java …

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