Internet Advertising Revenues

According to IAB Press Releas, in the third quarter of the year, Internet advertising revenues reached an estimated new record of 4.2 billion dollars, which represents about 33% growth, and which is telling me that this market is still relatively at the beginning, cause no stable is about to grow in such proportions. Those data is about US market, and since Portuguese market is not even a one percent of it as i believe, i expect that the local internet advertisement is going to explode only in a couple of years from now, being as usually late in comparison with the pioneers.

With 8th consecutive quarter in a steady growth, i believe that even more and more firms are going to dedicate their marketing resources to the internet and mobile advertisement. I have no doubt, that this market is going to grow much more in the nearest future, as the newest generation is a internet generation and since people starting spending more time in internet then watching TV the priorities are going and already changing at this very moment.

Writing about internet marketing i can not forget about a new market – online games marketing which is taking this world by the storm, as people are making a lot of business in online games that the even online game developers are offering some services – like transferring from a server to a server, buying some basic things etc. Some game developers have even started including real world advertising inside the games to finance further game development and making some money out of it of course.

I believe, that within a couple of years we are going to see some drastic changes at the marketing strategies, basing them more and more on the internet.

update on 21th of November 2006: Just have read a very interesting article on eMarketer about internet advertisement growth in Europe – according to the Jupiter Research Agency, in 2011 european companies are going to spend around 83 billion dollars on online advertisement. This is a very big number, and i confess that i don’t think it will be that high, but still one more prediction about rapid online marketing growth. 8.3 % of the total marketing spending in just about 4 years, these numbers should tell everyone what to do now … =O)

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