On Drupal

Recently i have spent some serious time constructing a test site in Drupal CMS 5 beta2, and i was very positively surprised by the ease of its configuration a standard compliance, that i am definitely going to try constructing my next work in it. I have already made one site in Joomla, and it is a very nice system, but in the sense of standard-compliance it is still far away from Drupal. Though there are several templates on the net which are not table-based, the basis configuration of Joomla to start with (even in the most recent 1.5beta) is still largely based on the tables, when Drupal’s default templates are all standard-compliant div-based designs, which is a very decisive factor for me. Being still the beginner (actually a noob) in various CMS available on the market, i am even considering using WordPress as a complete solution for some very simple projects.

I loved the ease and the speed of the changes that i made to transform drupal from what seemed to be a very blog-based system into a very well-looking content editing site.

The next thing i am going to do some heavy experiments is a user management, and if its going to be that good as the customization, am definitely going to consider completely switching to Drupal.

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