SQL Managed Instance How-To Series

I have been active in blogging, but outside of this site and UI expect this tendency to continue for the nearest foreseeable future. My role at Microsoft allows me to spread the word and help the people well beyond this site has, and anything that I can contribute through documentation or official position will be more helpful then the personal thoughts that are expressed at a personal site.

Around 6 months ago, I have started a series of posts on easy wins in Azure SQL Managed Instance, that we have called Azure SQL MI How-tos. This series contains 9 posts, where 8 of them are written by me plus the one I collaborated and helped to become a public one (Sync Agent Jobs and Logins in Failover Groups) for about 3 months.

Even though I have not posted a recent one in a couple of months, a whole wave of the posts are coming in January of 2022.
I am also expecting to publish a couple of interesting How-tos in collaboration with some great colleagues of mine. :) Stay tuned for it! :)

Discover useful how-tos for Azure SQL Managed Instance at https://aka.ms/sqlmi-howto

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