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Azure SQL Managed InstanceSince I have joined Microsoft 5 months ago, I have not been even looking at my personal site, but now I am back and will be sharing some of the stuff I was and I am doing.
I am working as a PM with Azure SQL Managed Instance (aka SQLMI) and I hope one day to show some of the stuff in public that I am working on :)
In the mean time I am also helping with awareness of the SQLMI capabilities and for that purpose I am starting a series of public presentations on different topics, starting with “What’s New in SQL MI” and going into specifics, such as HA/DR, Performance & Monitoring.

The current pipeline looks already busy and here are some of the confirmed public presentations I will be delivering in the next 5 weeks:
15th October 2021 – DBCC International Edition: “What’s New in SQL MI”
16th October 2021 – Minnesota Data Saturday #13: “Best Libraries & Scripts to work with Azure SQL MI”
2nd November 2021 – Ignite 2021 Fall: a public Round Table on the SQL MI Feedback
11 November 2021 – PASS Summit: What’s New in SQL MI (Half-day session)” & Live session on “Getting The Best out of SQL MI”
6th November 2021 – Data Weekender 2021 Fall: “Getting The best out of SQL MI”
10th November 2021 – Azure PT: “What’s new in SQL MI”
11th November 2021 – Redmond User Group: “What’s new in SQL MI” “
11th November 2021 – Porto.Data: “What’s new in SQL MI”
17th November 2021 – Hybrid Virtual Group: “What’s new in SQL MI”
25th November 2021 – SQLPort 130: “What’s new in SQL MI”

If you are interested in learning, feel free to register and participate.
And if you are interested in me speaking for your User Group – let me know. Via twitter or LinkedIn. :)

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