New Adventure @ Microsoft

After using Microsoft’s technology for almost 3 decades (1993 was probably the first year), after bashing and criticising them for all that time, after being a part of the MVP Program for over a decade (huge kudos for Cristina Gonzalez who considered me worthy for that incredible award) – I decided to join Microsoft.

You might raise the question on the reasons of doing that – and the reason is simple. I love playing and researching and building top technology and I am a kind of tired of picking up the crumbs of other people’s work. At my last job I have built a monitoring tool that every client is using and I am looking for more experience of driving the innovation and building the wonderful products that millions of people are using, and which company is better at that task as Microsoft ? :)

Microsoft LogoI am joining the Azure SQL Product Team as a Senior Program Manager, focusing now on Azure SQL Managed Instance. Hoping to help shaping this incredible product into the leading PaaS offer, which means that you can easily expect a good number of posts (probably not here but on Microsoft’s pages) on how to use and how to get the biggest advantage with Azure SQL Managed Instance.
I will work remotely from my village in Portugal, but of course I am anxious to get to learn in person my colleagues (and my boss, whom I know for a couple of years, already).

My team is based in Serbia and they have enjoyed some of the most incredible successes with APS, SQL Server (think about Query Store and String_Split functions to mention a couple) and more recently with Azure SQL Managed Instance (by building it from the ground up) and Serverless tier for Azure Synapse Analytics.
Gosh, it sounds so exciting to join such an incredibly smart group of people and to be the least smart person in the room !!!

I am not expecting to stop sharing/blogging my personal opinion about different technologies, but of course there will be a slightly different angle and I am adding the disclaimer as a warning to the people who will be reading my articles on my personal site.

Having completed the recruitment process and waiting for 2 months (paying dues according to Portuguese legislation to my previous company) is no fun – when you are excited to start.

12 thoughts on “New Adventure @ Microsoft

  1. Mark Broadbent

    On a very selfish level, I am sad. Sad that we might never hang out together again in Bellevue or on campus at Redmond during the MVP Summit, but that aside I am seriously happy for you that your talents will get the attention and recognition they deserve. Obviously, Microsoft are very lucky to have you and I’m sure this is a perfect role! Congratulations my friend!

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