Pearson VUE cancels an exam for giving a 3 year old child water during Pandemic

There are a lot of great examples of businesses doing the right thing during the current Pandemic of Covid-19.

Unfortunately, it looks to me that Pearson VUE is not one of them.

Last Friday (29th of May of 2020), I have had an exam canceled by them … right in the middle of the action.
The reason ?
I had to calm down my 3 year old son and interrupted the exam for giving him a glass of water (without exiting from the visible area of my computer camera).
A beta exam, which does not have materials yet.

Do they have a right to do so ?
Oh sure, they do have A BUSSINESS RIGHT.
The terms & conditions specify that there can’t be anyone in the room.

My situation

My wife is a medical professional and she had to be away from home on the day of the exam and I could not have predicted it, since I have registered for that exam in the beginning of April 2020.
I have exhausted all options of family and giving that my parents-in-law are well over 70, I could not insist with them anymore.
The weather on 29th of May in Lisbon was 34º C, which corresponds to 93.2º F – meaning FREAKING HOT … and my flat’s windows are exactly catching a lot of sun.
My 3 year old son has lost his patience of me being isolated and starting making a mess, eventually requiring something that is called water.
That thing, water, is a kind of basic essential stuff for surviving …

Oh and by the way, we are all in the middle of a Pandemic

This means, that by Portuguese laws I could not put my kid anywhere, since Kindergartens have opened on the 1st of June (Monday, 3 days after the exam).
I had no chances of getting it solved on time.

The exam started 50 minutes late (which was already giving me a right to cancel and reschedule), but no apology or offer of alternative was done.
Probably this is Business As Usual … but well, I DO UNDERSTAND that these are difficult times for everyone.
I could even argue that I want those 50 minutes back to finish the exam … But yeah, I know, nobody cares.

Without going into all details and that at one point a proctor pointed that I had to answer to my son and that I have asked to understand that if I would close the door,
my 3 year old would hit it until I would open, making me stand up and leave the visible space (If you have ever dealt with small children, you would understand).
A couple of minutes later, and without a bit of communication, the application window closed – and I could not get back in.


No specified phones from the Pearson VUE site for support has answered any call and I did try to call multiple language options.
After over an hour of waiting on the site for support I had finally a chance to communicate with someone, when in the middle that person lost the connection,
and I wrote again – “I totally understand the difficulties during these times”.
After another hour I have finally made my case, but it never seemed that anyone would really care.

All I have asked was just another attempt at the certification center – which are now finally open.

I have never asked for an apology,
I have been always extra-correct in all communications,
I just wanted to solve the situation.

On Monday, June the 1st 2020, I have received a formal email specifying that there is nothing that can be done.
Pearson VUE email stated that no 3rd party could enter the space and my thought was – “No thirsty 3-year-old party during pandemic times can their basic human needs attended …

On the twitter DM someone from that company offered me to fire a complain … and yes, I do fire it. Right here.
This way.

Dear Pearson VUE, please learn that in the 21st Century BEING RIGHT FORMALLY DOES NOT GIVE YOU MORAL RIGHT.

It seems to me that Pearson VUE not only does not care about small children’s basic human needs.
During these difficult times or even later, do not take remote exams with that company – unless you want to risk have a similar experience.

4 thoughts on “Pearson VUE cancels an exam for giving a 3 year old child water during Pandemic

  1. Jeanne Groen

    I’m sorry that happened to you…just another example of when things don’t make any sense! I have an exam with Pearson’s on June 19th and am nervous because they have my full name to include my full middle name which I never use and my ID does not support this…I wish you luck and I hope you can reschedule soon.

    1. Diane Williams

      Good afternoon I read your comment and you’ll be fine in regards to your ID. I’ve taken two diffrent certification exams there and I’m about to my Medical Laboratory Scientists and when I register it has my full middle name but my ID just have the initial and I used this same ID for verification, plus when you apply to get your ID on the form it just ask for your middle initial, plus if you’ve been there before your hand print should match their data base. I hope this help.

  2. Jyo

    This is outrageous. My sympathies are with you. Vue should refund your exam fee or give you another free attempt.
    Can’t imagine your situation because I was mildly annoyed when, suffering from a headache and it being late at night, I rubbed my eyes a few times, only to have a proctor say “don’t cover your face during the exam”. As if I was going to cover half my face for a second with one hand, and the rest of my face and shoulders would magically disappear from their field of vision! Peekaboo!

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