SQLBits 20 Workshop – Migrating & Running SQL Server on Azure VMs

UPDATE: The event has been moved to 29th of September to 3rd of October 2020

My love for the SQLBits is long (and so far I can be sure it was – how can one not admire the group who besides delivering the best tech show on this planet and delivering the highest quality of training, they do it for the best of the community – giving (besides other things) a whole free day (Saturday) for attending for everyone.

In 2020 I will be delivering my latest workshop “Migrating & Running SQL Server on Azure VMs“, which will focus on some of the experience in the last couple of years of creating, migrating, optimising and running SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines.
There has been a lot of interesting stuff I have been facing and learning that I want to share with everyone – especially since there is so much misinformation and misconception about Azure VMs. Some of the limitations definitely deserve to be explored before the migration shall be attempted.
It might seem that IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service) is a simple copy of the Datacenter VMs, but the reality is very far from it.
In the workshop, besides creating the basic elements we shall consider the details of Infrastructure setup & optimisations, such as Availability Sets, disk caching and others.
Migrating to Azure VMs can be done in a number of different ways – Offline and Online and we shall dive in their advantages and limitations.
The security aspect in the public cloud is something that someone should be really aware of, we live in the era of CCPA & GDPR and many preventable security mistakes on the data side can be incredibly expensive for any organisation.
Backups, Monitoring and High Availability will be part of this whole day workshop.
In the end we shall consider the steps to include while considering further PaaS (Platform as a Service) migrating pathways to Azure SQL Database & Azure SQL Database Managed Instance.

Sign up workshop “Migrating & Running SQL Server on Azure VMs” at SQLBits 2020 now and until the 1st of January enjoy the early-bird pricing (https://sqlbits.com/information/pricing)!

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