Kind of Fast

Fast Win!
Fast Car!
Fast Money!
Fast Loans!
Fast Food!
Fast Planing (Agile)!
Fast Service!
Fast Delivery (or Rapid Deliver, so the offer can be differentiated …)!
Fast Solutions! (Should I have fast problems for those or will reasonable serious problems be included as well?)
Fast Internet (Ha-ha!)
Fast Diet (ROFL)
Fast Results (as in the Fast Diet … )
Fast Medicine (invokes sad emotions)
Fast Track (spend those 5 fast minutes in front of the same plane.)
Fast Pass (thinking about SQLSaturday … As in fast cutting the paper sheets)
Buy Fast (really! really?)
Sell Fast (really?)
Fast Sex (as in “be fast, or you are going miss it” – LOL)

Take also the biggest Tech lie in the busket: “this feature will make it your [X] fast enough, so that you can concentrate on your business/important tasks.
Even a bigger lie: … So you can concentrate on your family, because of the free time you will get by using/adopting this feature/practice

Actually you could replace the Fast with the Easy and for the most people it would mean the same – Easy Money, Easy Diet, Easy Win …

Everything in the modern world is supposed to be fast. Or even faster.
Interested in fast facts ? (TOP X, WHERE X <= 10) Maybe a fast relation ?
Looking for the fast Death ???
Some will offer you a fast faith (it is comming to na end, right before it starts – you will almost believe in something)

In the world I truly want to see a slow and careful planing,
inspiring delivery,
Slow, careful and patient medicine,
Enduring & Meaningful Relatonships,
Thoughtful and Soulfully Crafted Food,
Finest Service,
Delightful Planning,
And most of all Kind … This is what I have been missing seeing in the world … The kindness

Now go on, and imagine the list above, replacing the word fast with the word kind. It does sound quite a bit more interesting it to me.

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