CISL 1.5.0 is released

I am glad to share that the 1.5.0 release of the CISL (Columnstore Indexes Scripts Library) is finally released.
The biggest news is the initial support for the Azure SQL DataWarehouse, with the 5 scripts (Alignment, Dictionaries, Fragmentation, Row Groups & Row Groups Details) providing the first blick into this incredible offering from Microsoft.

Another important update is the one I have described in one of the previous blog posts – Columnstore Indexes – part 110 (“The best column for sorting Columnstore Index on”), the possibility to determine the best column to sort your Columnstore Table/Partition on, with the help of the distinct count/execution plan search/join parameters scan. I am really looking for the feedback and improvements in the future on this feature.

The current list of the additions and improvements is here below:

– Azure SQLDW Support (just stand-alone scripts at the moment)
– New functionality in GetAlignment to scan the current execution plans & distinct values
– New Information on the Predicate Pushdown for the GetAlignment function
– New Parameter for the precise search across all scripts and Stored Procedures (@precisesearch)
– Some Bug-Fixes across all supported versions (2012,2014,2016,Azure SQLDB & vNext(2017))
– Includes information on all recent SQL Server updates since CISL 1.4.1;

Please update your Columnstore libraries with the newest release – CISL 1.5.0!

3 thoughts on “CISL 1.5.0 is released

  1. Adrian Sugden

    Hi Niko,

    Do you have a recommended default set of parameters for cstore_doMaintenance to get started with?

    Also in a future release would it be possible to create the logging tables in a central DBA database rather than creating one in each separate database?


    1. Niko Neugebauer Post author

      Hi Adrian,

      this functionality is being worked on … If you look at the current commits at GitHub, the SQL Server 2017 functions almost completely support central DB support. The doMaintenance function is coming, hopefully even during this very month.

      As for running the cstore_doMaintenance currently, I would start with defaults, simply invoking @execute = 1, @closeOpenDeltaStores = 1 /* if you have a DWH */ observing the results and adjusting the functionality.

      Best regards,

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