Going to and presenting at SQLSaturday #170 Munich

The first SQLSaturday in Germany is just a couple of weeks away and I am so excited about it. Knowing one of the organizers – Constantin Klein, I am confident that this event will be a great success and generally I am genuinely excited that Germany is finally stepping in for one of the best tech community events in the world. Looking at the presenter’s list, it feels like a very serious SQL Server experience – Hugo Kornelis, Allan Mitchel, Dejan Sarka and Jen Stirrup between others are very recognized in the community.

Doing the first SQLSaturday in Germany in Munich is an obvious choice for me, since Microsoft’s Headquarters in Germany are located exactly at the location of the SqlSaturday – at Unterschleißheim, near Munich. There is no need to describe the beauty or the importance of the Munich as a city on a global level. Coming there once in a lifetime is a must for anyone looking for culture or business.

I am very happy and deeply honored to be selected as one of the speaker, and I will be working fiercely to improve my presentation on “ETL Frameworks with Dynamic SSIS Packages” which I have already delivered exactly 2 weeks ago for my local Portuguese PASS Chapter. I will be doing my very best to deliver my presentation in German, so it will take some serious work from my side, since it has been quite some ages, since I talked German in public.

I am looking forward to meet and greet German SQL Server Community and to meet some good old friends like Mark Broadbent, Milos Radivojevic, Jen Stirrup and Hugo Kornelis between others. If you live in Germany, then there are definitely very few excuses to not to be at the single most important SQL Server Community event of the year in Germany.

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