Presenting at SQLRally 2012 Nordic

Yes, it is true! I have been selected to present at one of the biggest European SQL Server events – at the PASS SQLRally 2012 Nordic Edition! No words can describe the excitement and the honor that I am feeling of being able to present there. When I look at the list of the presenters, I cannot stop thinking that someone just made a mistake picking me up, because the agenda looks so amazingly impressive – Connor Cunningham, Mark Souza, Adam Jorgensen, Alberto Ferrari, Marco Russo, Chris Web, Hugo Kornelis, Tobias Ternstrom, Buck Woody, Thomas Kejser, Victor Isakov, Allan Hirt, Stacia Misner, Denny Lee, Lara Rubelke, Neil Hambly, Klaus Aschenbrenner and others.

I am in deep deep awe and while I am still conscious I am trying to send the warnings and some vital signals into my melting brain that I am definitely not belonging into that club. The most of those people are simply living legends of SQL Server, and I will be spending large number of hours preparing myself to try to deliver the best possible presentation of my life. You probably know the phrase that with a great powers comes great responsibility, and that is precisely what I am feeling at the moment. :)

One of the funniest things about the presentation that I am going to deliver at SQLRally is that it will be actually the third time that I am going to deliver it – and every time it will be slightly different, as well as the presentation language will be different. I have presented my session on Dynamic SSIS Frameworks on a regular meeting at SQLPort in July of 2012, and that presentation was delivered in Portuguese language. The second time I shall present this session (with some changes) will be on 15th of March in Munich at SQLSaturday #170 and the language of choice shall be German.
Naturally, for the SQLRally this presentation shall be adjusted (based on the comments and on the time constraints – 75 minutes instead of 60 min for SQLPort and 50 min for SQLSaturday#170), and naturally I shall be presenting it in English.

Join me at SQLRally and feel free to meet and greet me there – because there are no doubts that this event is going to be a very remarkable event in the life of so many, and especially in mine.

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