SQLSaturday#148 part VII

Writing this last post about the SQLSaturday in Shanghai being almost 40 days away is such a rewarding task, mainly because it wakes up so many great memories and emotions about 3 days spent in China. There were so many amazing experiences for me personally, that it has inspired me writing so much on blog. The time has passed very fast, with a speed of a local train between Shanghai and Suzhou, which easily reaches 300 Km/h.

Was it a good time? Just look at the picture to get an idea. I have met people from the local SQL Server Community, a good old friend and made whole lot of new ones. I have learned more stuff about SQLServer while attending English-speaking sessions and even some Chinese-speaking ones. The whole experience was a big plus and I am definitely looking for more. I know that I will see around a lot of the people I met there – at the PASS Summit, at other SQLSaturdays. Hopefully soon, because I have had way too much fun and I am definitely looking to repeat it. :)

I just wish that the Chinese SQL Server community will use the impulse of this event for its own good. Those people in attendance are ready for more, and Chinese SQLPass Chapter in Shanghai can give them what is needed. I am confident that the next time they have an event, a lot more people around the world shall join their forces to support them.

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