Spam vs Meta

No one is be surprised by the number of meta compilations available on the blogs all around the internet. What makes me worry is that the percentage of the information in relation to the meta spam is getting lower with every day. A friend of mine from Austria told me that he wont be surprise if one day a lot of those meta engines will disappear one day like dot com bubble has disappeared at the end of the last century. He is quite right, since all meta information providers do not have a real value behind them, besides being a servants, and we have a very big and a powerful one – Google, who already occupies this space.

I was just thinking, that in order to gain hundreds or thousands of users, spammers just create a new list of already existing css menus or html templates and put it somewhere on the digg or somewhere else. Then hundreds of users will “discover” it visiting and digging and dotting and whatever you prefer. It is quite disappointing, that the most bloggers in such way turn them self into spammers, or may be the truth is that they are not bloggers, but just meta spammers. I can not imagine someone working creating pages having time to check out 70 or 80 templates, and doing that in depth. This is absolutely unreasonable, because the time it takes to check out the code of the xhtml template tells me that in order to “process” them all one will need a couple of weeks, when already “behind the corner”, at the same blogs there are hundreds more templates and css technics and so on.

So, we arrive to the main question, how could someone check out 70-80 templates and post them each and every 3-4 days, my answer is – impossible, it is just a way of surfing through the pages of people, who create real content, and then collect it and put into a blog post, showing everyone, who deep and good your knowledges are. When i check blogs of really creative people, i see one or two good technical posts per month, cause it is difficult to discover something worth disclosure, but hey, meta spammers do 15 posts a month with one or two thousands references.

I guess i have reached the state of completely ignoring such posts and such posters (spammers). For me, meta posts are as good as dead, as they have no real information.

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