WordPress plugin “Tiger Style Administration”

Today i have a very distinctive plug-in for wordpress “Tiger Style Administration”, which completely redesigns the administration of the wordpress. It changes completely the look and feel of wordpress administration to be similar to the latest OS X release 10.4 codename Tiger. I think that orderedlist (the authors of this plug-in), has got the right feeling about implementation, and this “skin” turns the wordpress administration from a dark blue into a light white style. All the changes are done with a css style sheet, which could be a very good study for any css specialist or enthusiast.

There are still some minor glitches, but they really small and easy to ignore. This is a plug-in i can really recommend to anyone, being tired with the default settings of the wordpress administration console. If there is something really out of control at the panel, then you can just overwrite and modify the css style to something, that you find acceptable, so for any advanced css author, there are no limitations.

This style and example also can serve as a inspiration to do more plug-ins like this one, but exploring other themes like Linux or Playstation or whatever, as people are always welcoming the adaptation of their favorite platform or game or whatever. =O)

After working with a software done by the amateurs, it is a great pleasure seeing and working on something that is implemented with so much imagination and care.

4 thoughts on “WordPress plugin “Tiger Style Administration”

  1. Niko Neugebauer Post author

    Adam, actually i have no idea, about the things which are not working, since i am using Firefox to access it, and have no time to play to alter it for IE7 if it is really needed, but i believe it is a good question to the authors of this plugin.

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