The WaSP Street Team

The WaSP has announced that at their annual meeting a few days ago at SXSW, they have decided to create a WaSP Street Team. The aim of the new team is to give ways to get involved with web standards evangelism in the local areas and in the places of work and online.

The information that is published is very few at the moment, basically what the Web Standards Project is doing is encouraging the people to put their names and addresses on the list, which will distribute the information, in some near future. The most important message is that the WaSP Street Teams will help the promotion of web standards in local communities.

I am quite excited about this, and this is a measure i believe that that was needed for quite a long time. Making big topic of the standards will make people talk of them, making a group will help to spread it out. I have to confess, that besides some portuguese names and portuguese sites on the net, that i find, there are just 2 people in real life, that i know capable of maintaining the conversation on the topic of XHTML/CSS standards. It is a very sad statistic, since i know quite a lot developers working in a lot of big portuguese companies. Only by the local teams it will be possible to reach some of the minds, which are still living in a long and forgotten 90s.

I hope there are some Portuguese interested in this project, so there will be a positive result (wider standards adoption) out of this idea.

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