Ella ‘WordPress’ Fitzgerald

Half an hour ago, one year after last major release, WordPress 2.1 with over 550 fixes, was finally released to the masses. I am extremely excited about it, and without any doubt going to upgrade my blog to it in the next hours. As a development team has promised they have released it in January this year, i think this is a fantastic fact, thinking that the vast majority almost everyone is being late on their releases and fast on the promises.

The name Ella Fitzgerald was selected to honor one of the most famous jazz singers, Ella Fitzgerald, she was a fantastic singer i have to add. Her voice is something that the most people who have heard her wont be able to forget.

I really have to thank the developers promising continuous support for 2.0.x branch for (take a long breath) 3 more years until 2010. Even more surprise for me is to realize that the developers already announced a date for a next release – 23rd of April this year, and if they are going to complete it – i am going to propose to vote them all for congress … =O) hahaha. My deepest respect guys, as for a long time in our industry(and not only in our industry actually) i have not seen such quality of following the promises.

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