Drupal 5th

This is the release i have been waiting for quite some time. Drupal 5th version represents some major changes made in this exceptionally fine CMS, though i have to add that such necessary addition as an easy usable image upload module is still missing (argh – tinyMCE is not good enough). Since last major release of Drupal goes back to 2002 (that is 5 years ago), it is something to shake up the things in open source cms community a little bit. I have no doubt, that a new release will bring a big mountain of bugs in the nearest future, but thats life, and such releases are simply necessary, cause any new release has a destiny of producing a lot of small and not so small errors. I just hope that such things as one that has happened to WordPress last week won’t happened to much times in the next releases of Drupal. =O)

I have become quite a fan of Drupal lately spending some time playing with it, experimenting with modules and even developing a theme or two for learning its template system. The CMS i have considered to be an alternative is Joomla, but as they are still beta testing their newest 1.5 release, and their default templates are a kind of table-based, i have decided to choose Drupal. I am going to play with the final Joomla 1.5 release when its appears, as i still consider Joomla having a lot of potential. Joomla guys are being extremely nice and even publishing a congratulation article to Drupal’s 5th release on their home page – don’t say a thing, but even in the open source community it is not a common way of greeting someone who in some kind of a way is creating a competitive product. My total respect…

I am looking to implement one of my two next projects in Drupal, as it really impresses me much.

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