“Neugebauer Lda” birthday

Yesterday, the Web Caravela has sailed away for its first trip – which will take a year long. It means that yesterday, at 16:21 local time (GMT), the Neugebauer Lda was finally created as a small society in Portugal and that starting from today i am dedicating the fast majority of my professional time this project.

I have expected “Neugebauer Lda” to be created during 2007, but actually i was counting more on the last quarter of the year, but hey, i am more then happy that it is actually happened in january. Three years ago, i was wishing to start it, but i had no conditions, so the timeframe was set for the firm to be created in the next three years, so i am actually still on the schedule =O)

During first 6 month, Web Caravela will dedicate most part of the time to web design, and then hopefully in the second part of the July i am going to start implementing some of the “web-things” i am looking for a lot of time to do. I always wished to dedicate myself to GUI design and implementation as my main occupation, so my dream has come true, and i am more then happy about it. =O)

Full sail ahead, Web Caravela!

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