Advertisement in Internet

Last night i read a very interesting article about internet advertisement growth in Germany in the past year – companies spent 45% more on traditional internet advertisement then in the 2005. 480 millions € were spent just in one European country, these numbers impressing me much, i have to say, because the traditional way of publicizing is spending money on Google Adwords services or their concurrence like Yahoo or Microsoft, but lately people are investing more and more in companies who are specializing on optimizing results of the search engines.

Between top 5 spenders i am quite surprised to see media only on the fourth place with 40 millions € spent, because as it seems, they are not understanding, that they are facing some very serious changes in the way the things are going to work in the very next couple of years – traditional model for their business is fading away, but as Guy Kawasaki has referred in one of his books – rare are example when some industry is capable of maintaining their success (or even existence) when something new appears, because they are not ready for changes, they just continue to enjoy and live in “good old times”.

I am expecting this trend to continue this year, as more and more people are realizing the importance and the power of our age – the age of the internet.

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