WordPress 2.0.1

Fantastic, brilliant !

I have upgraded this site to a wordpress 2.0.1 in a few instants with just one step. My dear God, is it possible that software can be so usable as the wordpress is ? I bow in front of the creators. Just one month after the release of the 2.0 they have managed to resolve more then 100 bugs. Every software has problems, but i think that in modern times, the reaction time is one of the most important issues about software developement. Great job, i am looking even more forward to the wordpress. I have spent some reasonable time choosing a blogging software, testing and using various systems at home, but nothing had impressed me more then WordPress (Textpattern for example is much less usable and the idea that i have to learn some tags to do my custom styling does not please me at all.).

Looking forward of getting more of wordpress

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