Ajax vs web

Why AJAX vs Web ? Because it seems that ajax is rapidly conquering the net, but at the same time, after working with this concept for quite some time, i can say that it can be a pure pain in the ass head:

  1. No usable “back” buttons – in the most cases after clicking on the “back” the application dies instantly
  2. Asynchronous operations – while executing a script don’t forget, that your AJAX request may not have arrived and(or) still not being processed, so all sequent actions counting with an “instant” execution may be badly “disappointed”
  3. Complicated cascading changes – don’t forget, that there are some events in HTML, which are not executed automatically in Javascript (for example changing selected index of the <select> element wont fire the onchange trigger)
  4. Too “fat” clients – user don’t like their experience of slow browsing, and that is one of the reasons why they love AJAX (no pages reloading), so making a very rich “fat” client will make them remembering the page reloading experience, and then – you will get no big point in using AJAX
  5. There are still some users around with browsers which do not support the XmlHttpRequest
  6. AJAX is not a savior – it wont save you from the normal coding problems, nor will it provide with a brand new GUI interface – because you will still have to check & test your GUI’s usability

Dont get me wrong, i am not against AJAX methodology, i am hardly using it, but i think that it requires a lot of attention, and as it is still “young”, there are a lot of problems around, waiting for the developers, starting with it.
If you are not afraid of all these things – then go on, make yourself a name with a new “web 2.0123” application =O)

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