Flash and valid HTML

Recently, i have been “ranting” a lot about the accessability and the valid code – so here it goes again. =O)

Flash and a valid HTML are they compatible ? Who’s fault is the current situation ? How to solve it ? What do to ?
I have found some answers for myself, and here they are:

  1. The valid HTML and a flash animation are perfectly compatible. It is more then common to see the invalid code, which is based on the old, proprietary IE and Netscape solutions, but there are no reasons to use it, unless you are lazy.
  2. It is all the Netscape, Microsoft and Macromedia‘s fault. Those guys are unable to cook a soup together. Dont know exactly who has forgotten to bring the salt and who’s mushrooms were outdated, but i’ll tell you – it does not really matter. Most probably because of the compatibility issues (ghm…) the Adobe Macromedia’s Flash and the major of the designers are producing the code, compatible with old Netscape and IE but not compatible with old and new standards. Mozilla, IE, Safari & Opera (about 99% of the market) are capable of reading and understanding the standards, but almost noone is feeding standards to them. =O) Come on, Adobe, wake up, Macromedia ! Give us at least options to have a valid (x)HTML ! Why didnt you implemented in the Flash a possibility to save a valid html with an option (checkbox) to include the compatibility with those browsers, which almost noone is using as of today.
  3. Use the magic of the “type” and “data” attributes, forget about the Netscape’s <embed>. Here you have the solution for having a valid HTML code:

    <object type="application/x-shockwave-flash" data="path/to/yourfile.swf" 
        width="110" height="110">
        <param name="movie" value="path/to/yourfile.swf" />

  4. What to do ? Use this code, mail to Macromedia, talk to your friends and show them how to use the right code, but as i have written before, it aint no going anywhere, until visual designer tools are going to implement the standards.

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