Portwatch is coming

My new project is going to appear here in the next couple of days – it is called a “PortWatch”, and it is dedicated to the technology of webdesign, accessability at the institutional sites in Portugal and EU. The first part is dedicated to the websites of the major portuguese Municipalities.

The texts are going to be pretty ironic, i promise that. =O) I am also going to contact all of the institutions to show with them the result of the research, so they would be able to “enjoy” it as well – i am expecting some bitter comments…

As i am the only person working on them at the moment ( i am thinking about motivating some of my friends to join me) ,the results are really few and the speed of my testing isnt that amazing. Doing it in my free time is a kind of fun, but i have a life to live, you know =O)

Watch out, i was a kind of surprised to find out the final results. I am still processing them at the evenings at home and preparing them to be readable and presentable here.

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