Azure SQL Managed Instance Workshop and Sessions at PASS Summit 2022

PASS Data Community Summit is a continuation of the original PASS Summit events. Last year, the first year since Redgate took over the PASS assets, they had successfully hosted a fully remote experience of the event, and this year – 2022, they are bringing a hybrid (in-person & remote) experience of the Data Platform. For me, flying over to PASS Summit was an annual pilgrimage that I have not skipped for over a decade until the COVID pandemic.

This year Azure SQL Product Group is bringing a full day workshop on Azure SQL Managed Instance, which is called ‘A day with SQL Managed Instance‘. Together with my colleague Dani Ljepava we shall be bringing the ultimate SQL Managed Instance experience, filled not only with the experience of how to provision, connect, configure, tune, monitor and troubleshoot and manage your instances and databases, but to get the very best out of them. 
Ranging from setting up basics’ aspects with the help of the Azure Portal, but also diving into the automation aspects, this unique Azure Workshop will help you learn not only the necessary basics of Azure SQL Managed Instance, but will provide you with the knowledge of how to achieve more. 

This workshop will give you a unique chance to get a biggest possible overview in just a day of the Azure SQL Managed Instance and besides the sharing we shall be answering any and all questions regarding the SQL MI. This is a pretty unique opportunity, and we invite everyone to sign up either for in-person or for the remote experience of A day with SQL Managed Instance at PASS Summit 2022.

Besides the workshop, Azure SQL Managed Instance Product Group will bring you also the following sessions – all worth attending:
10 Cool Things About SQL Managed Instance, the lightning talk I shall co-deliver with Dani Ljepava
Azure SQL MI End-to-end Demo Party for DBAs & Devs, the full demo session on some of the newest and amazing features, presenting together with Dani Ljepava, Mladen Andzic and a couple other PMs to be confirmed.
The Ultimate Freedom of Movement – SQL Server 2022 and Managed Instance the session that Mladen Andzic and Dani Ljepava are preparing on the most requested item for the Azure SQL MI
Unlock New Value in the Cloud with Azure SQL Managed Instance, the session that Nevena Nikolic will present together with me and Dani Ljepava on what are the most recent improvements added to Azure SQL Managed Instance.

Not to get too limited by the sessions of the Product Group, please consider the other sessions on the Azure SQL Managed Instance, delivered by the community:
Azure SQL Managed Instance HA-DR Options to Ensure Business Continuity by Gonzalo Bissio
Backup Options in SQL Server in Azure by Frank Gil
Baselining your SQL Server Workload for an Azure SQL Migration by Tim Radney
dbatools & Azure SQL Managed Instances by Claudio Silva
Deep Inside Azure SQL High Availability by Joseph Dantoni
Handle Azure SQL Auditing With Ease by Josephine Bush
Performance Monitoring, Tuning and Scaling Azure SQL Workloads by Surbhi Pokharna
Securing your Database is Easy with Azure SQL and SQL Server 2022 by Michael Howard
The Azure SQL Ecosystem by Steve Jones

Consider joining the Azure SQL Managed Instance Product Group & Community sessions!
Register for the SQL Managed Instance workshop and PASS Summit 2022 now!

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