SQL Managed Instance at SQLBits 2022

SQLBits is my favorite Data Platform event and with the disappearance of PASS as an organization, a great adjectives describing it as the biggest Microsoft Data Platform event in the world should be quite correct. Besides being the biggest and the best Microsoft Data Platform show, it is always a show that entertains and brings people together.

In 2022 I will deliver 3 sessions on SQLBits, with precise times and dates to be reconfirmed yet, even though they appear currently on the schedule. Given that I do work on Azure SQL Managed Instance, I will be presenting exclusively about it with two 50 minutes presentations on ‘What’s New in Azure SQL MI’ and ‘SQL Managed Instance – Demos Only’ where I will focus on explaining and showing the newest and the coolest features (and besides what we have brought at Ignite, I will at least include the 2 features that we have put into GA in the meantime) and in the second presentation I will be showing the SQL Managed Instance features in action (and some of those demos might be pretty new or not very easy repeatable at the moment) ;).
The last but not least is the presentation that will take just 20 minutes and where I will 10 Cool Things about SQL MI

Right now 2 sessions ‘10 Cool Things about SQL MI‘ & ‘What’s New in Azure SQL MI‘ are scheduled for Thursday around the noon, and the ‘SQL Managed Instance – Demos Only‘ is scheduled for Friday noon, but let’s see if there will be some changes before the schedule will be final.

My colleague Dani Ljepava has an even cooler session – the most awaited ‘Link feature for Managed Instance’ that is now scheduled for 10:10am on Friday morning. If you are interested to learn about probably the most exciting feature for SQL Server 2022, and want to discover what SQL MI Product Group is doing with it – join him.

Both of us are planning to be in-person on the conference and we shall be doing some booth duty and so if you are there and want to say hi – feel free to join our sessions or talk to us at the booth. Given the current pandemic situation it still feels a kind of weird to think that in just 1 month the conference is taking place, and it feels so good to be able even just to dream about it.

Besides SQL Managed Instance, there will be a huge group of Microsoft PMs, Customer Engineers, Cloud Solution Architects, covering all range of products such as Azure SQL VMs, Azure SQL DBs, Synapse Analytics and of course SQL Server 2022. Make sure that besides attending their sessions that interest you, you can get in contact and be able to learn and share your experiences and scenarios.

In all cases we hope to be able to attend either in-person or virtually and we are definitely looking towards the questions and discussions about all things data.
Join us at SQLBits 2022!

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