Speaking at PASS Summit 2020

As you should have heard by now, PASS Summit 2020 is going fully virtual this year (the only possible solution for the current situation and the impossibility of traveling in good conditions around the world).

With 4 major pillars:
– Architecture
– Data Management
– Analytics
– Professional Development
and 10 great Learning Pathways, it feels like the focus on the more of the core Data Platform is back, even though there is still a huge amount of great Analytics and Data Science content, as the modern times require.

Just a couple of days ago, I was happy to find out that I will be presenting a couple of sessions this year with one of them being a 2.5 hours Half-Day Session, which is a new thing for me at the PASS Summit (even though I already did a full workshop of 8 hours).

– The Half-Day Session (2.5 hours) session Migrating & Running SQL Server on Azure VMs Cloud Solutions will focus on the experience with diverse clients (big & small) on how to efficiently migrate and run the SQL Server on Azure VMs. Besides the infra-structure configurations and proper SQL Server configurations, I will dive into some of the more interesting aspects .
I promise that this presentation will raise your eye-brows a couple of times … :) haha

– The regular session (75 minutes) When & Where to use Columnstore Indexes will focus on some good old and some of the yet unpublished examples of how to make Columnstore Indexes useful.

Join me at the very first VIRTUAL PASS Summit 2020 and register for it now!

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