Presentations & Blogging of 2019 in Review

While I am becoming a lesser fan of the “inspirational & motivational reviews”, I decided to keep the tradition in this blog and post my statistics from the already passed 2019. In the previous years I would prepare this information in the end of December and fire it up on the last day of the year, but this year I decided to dedicate my time to other things, which are more important for me (I think it has to do with growing up/old).

In 2019 I have spoken at surprisingly low number of conferences – well, the lowest since I started tracking 2013, and I might say we should get back to 2010 to get a similar number probably. I am happy with my choices and I have spent my time on things that mattered more to me. I am expecting that this number will change in 2020, since I am already admitted speaking at 2, while the the third is not announced yet (though I have already the plane tickets) and 2 others are under considerations and to be decided in a week. Plus I have submitted to 2 more conferences – and that just in the first half of the year !
My moment of the year goes to the Techorama in Netherlands (October 2019) where I have realised that the conference I attended before was SQLBits in early February, meaning I have not taken part in any conferences in the mean time. Fantastic! :)

As a result of taking part in less conferences.- in 2019 I gave less presentations. Still a solid number of 15 and quite comparable to my presentations number in 2016. Some of the definitive highlights were Claranet’s DevOps Day, where I have a huge fun with my colleagues and attendees, and another one was – an in-person presentation I have given at the probably oldest Sql Server User Group in Redmond in December the first one I have given in USA.

I have not touched my video channel and hope to get back to it this month in January of 2019.

The Blogging

Once again, the lowest number since a number of years – 37 posts were done during the year, but all of them taken intention and care. In reality I was just 1 post down comparatively to just 2 year ago (2017), but honestly that is not where I want to be and I really expect to become more productive again and seeing my output in the past month (December 2019) and this one so far (January 2020) I expect to do significantly better in the current year 2020.

The Columnstore Blog Post series suffered with just 3 new ones and this one will definitely get corrected. I have a lot of stuff to write about, and even the CISL library needs some urgent updates which I expect to start correcting during this month. There are some things I mentioned only at my PASS Summit session and I really want to share them with wider audience, who can and should help pushing the continuous investment into the Columnstore Indexes.

Blog Stats

Blog visits stayed pretty much the same as in the last year, lowering just 3 percents. Yeap. I care less about it, I hope that those who are reading my ramblings find them useful and if not, at least I am finding something to entertain and amuse myself.


With many more conferences already planned and some are to be soon decided, I am looking for a very busy travel schedule in the first half of the 2020. If you want me to come over to your event in the second part of the year – just ping me, there might be a chance.

There were some very big things and changes going for me in 2019 (not only professionally) and their continuation in 2020 is more than certain and so I am honestly quite unsure what & when I shall manage to do. And that’s totally fine. SQLPort will carry on (some exciting presenters are already coming), the celebrations of this year 10 years will come when I will have time to look at it, SQLSaturday will come, Tuga It – might come …

Have a great year full of peace, focusing on what really matters in your life.

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