Speaking at PASS Summit 2019

There are some events that I do submit to every single year and even more – I am anxiously waiting for the results of my submissions – and sometimes I can celebrate and sometimes I have to take a deep breath and carry on … One of them is the PASS Summit. If you do not know what it is – here is a short introduction – this is the most important and the biggest data platform event in the world, in my point of view. This is the event where besides potentially communicating with cerca 5000 of your peers you will get an opportunity to attend the session by the Microsoft Program Managers and connect to the leadership teams – thus. The most exciting thing for me is of course the opportunity to communicate with engineers (I think at some point Microsoft was sending around 400 of its own people over the course of 5 days) – yes, those real engineers or engineering managers who are writing the product. Talking to them and discussing the ideas is one of the key highlights for me there.

I am already travelling to the PASS Summit 2019, since I have been accepted to be an official blogger, but the question wether my session will get picked up or not is always something that I am waiting to find out. I love sharing the knowledge I acquire through my work and my experiments and being able to share them on the Summit is a huge privilege.
Besides being a privilege it is naturally a lottery, because there are so many incredible people – who are much better professionals than me and who were not picked to present.

A week ago I was incredible happy to find an email with a confirmation that not 1 but 2 of my sessions were selected for this year event:
Columnstore Indexes in 2017-2019 This session will serve as an overview of the additions in Sql Server 2017 and Sql Server 2019 for the Columnstore Indexes. Some of this content is still in my drafts and some might stay an exclusivity right until the launch of the Sql Server 2019 :)
Batch Execution Mode on Rowstore Indexes – this session will culminate this presentation a lot of presentations on this topic with some new content that is not in my blog until the Summit.

I am incredible grateful because it feels like a miracle every year to me (and maybe even with some increasing feeling of wondering how long this will cary on) and I will do my very best to give my best presentations so far.

If you want to talk about the Columnstore Indexes, Batch Execution Mode, Graph Engine, Azure SQL Database, Migrations to Azure or anything else – you will find me whole week in Seattle for the biggest Microsoft Data Platform experience in the world.

Join us at the PASS Summit 2019 on Nov 5-8 in Seattle!

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