My Personal (Public) Goals for 2019

There are different ways of looking at and setting personal goals – privately, in a close group/friend circle & publicly. For myself I do use all 3 of them for different purposes. When I am setting a private or a group/friend circle goal (and that’s how I manage the huge part of my goals) – it will stay that way, because it is meant to be private or limited.
There is also an incredible smaller part of my goals that I do publish here on my blog and share with others.
This part I use this as a tool to put more pressure on myself to comply with my dreams and aspirations, because once something is public – we tend to back it under higher pressure, in order to preserve our image.

And here I am putting a little bit more pressure on myself for the 2019 with the following goals:

Read at least 2 books per month (non-technical or borderline at maximum). The last year I have been increasing my reading habits and wishing truly to set a minimum.
One of my best presents for the 40th birthday in 2018 was a book from the author I was looking up to learn from and it is on my reading list for the early 2019.

Increase Meditations number to be superior 1 per day on the average. I have noticed very positive results from the 2018 and this is one of the areas I am looking to improve in the next year.

Learn how to cook well. This item has been on my list for so many years that I have lost the count of attempts for failing this goal and this is the reason why it goes on public list – I need to push it through with a reasonable plan that I will be able to stick to. I am not targeting on becoming the next super chef or master-chefe, but I really want to be more of help for my family. No retreat and no surrender!

Increase running goals by 15%. In 2018 I have increased my original goal by 25%, and I want to keep on pushing myself forward, while keeping it as realistic as possible. As I am approaching half-way to my goal of running 1.000 Kilometres per year, I keep in my mind that it is just a reflection of the overall physical and spiritual improvement and not some “numeric goal”.

finish & publish the Columnstore Book. This shall be done.

Notice that I at least right now I am not intending to review my achievements and failures in 2019, for that I have my own ways, I am just keeping it real and helping myself to focus.

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