Announcing “Columnstore & Batch Execution Mode” Channel

It is time. I have been thinking about this for about a year and playing with the idea for way too long, with the concrete plans for the January of 2018, than August 2018 … Anyway – here we go and I am announcing the launch of the YouTube Channel “Columnstore & Batch Execution Mode” where I will be posting videos on the both of the features that fascinate me. Besides delivering to you the new content, I will do some other fun stuff, like interviews with people who are pushing boundaries of those technologies, Program Managers who lead and who are leading the current development, Developers who coded the features, etc …

I am expecting to have 1-2 Videos per month on average, and while the first one is 27 Minutes long, the next ones will tend to focus on being smaller – around 15 minutes, whenever possible. My expectation on the number of videos is something that I am excited to find out if it works well – in any case I shall discover my capability over the next 24 months.

My written blog series for the Columnstore Indexes and the Batch Execution Mode will carry on as before, I am just adding another medium for communicating with those who are interested to learn. I will also be duplicating some of the blog content over to the Video Channel – giving another channel for information consumption, especially for the younger audiences who are very much focused on the video.

This effort is a part of the major effort, that I have mentioned in my 5 Years to my Columnstore Series, that is to go public until the end of 2018, so stay tuned. :)

With that all in mind, I am announcing the very first Episode (001) in the “Columnstore & Batch Execution Mode” series – Columnstore Indexes Maintenance. Check it out and if you believe that more valuable content will be coming out of this endeavour – consider subscribing to the Columnstore & Batch Execution Mode channel !

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