ETL Optimisation Workshop @ SQLBits 2019

The biggest in the Europe & the craziest (in the very best sense) in the World conference for the Microsoft Data Platform has always been the SQLBits. I can not deny that every year I can, I am delighted to take part in it – as a speaker or as an attendee. This year (2018), was the first exception since probably 2011, when I simply could not make 3 weeks away from home, because I was already committed to SQLKonferenz and MVP Summit, which after all made me sad, to loose an opportunity to learn and spend time with friends from all around the world, but in 2019 I will be back !

Back with a brand new workshop “Optimising ETL on Microsoft Data Platform (SQL & Azure)”, in which I will focus on relational part of the Microsoft Data Platform with tips and tricks on how to get the best performance out of the SQL Server, Azure SQL Database and Azure SQL Managed Instance. Over the years I have learned some best practices and have seen the best and some of the unfortunate practices being implemented in the wild – and with the widespread migration to the cloud and specifically to Azure, I feel it is the right time to help others and share a couple of bits that I can.

I have been incredibly lucky enough to present workshops already a couple of times at SQLBits, but every single time I receive the confirmation – it feels like a huge honor and gives an amazing boost to the happiness (I was in Seattle when I got the news and my first reaction was to call my family to share the great news – and which of course was not a good idea, because of the 8 hours timezone difference – hahaha).

Back to the announced workshop – here is the full description that I can share right away and expect a video with details in the next days to come!

Focusing on the different features across stack of different versions of SQL Server, Azure SQL Database & Azure Managed Instance – we shall consider on how to optimise for different hardware bottlenecks (CPU, Disk, Memory) and using different sets of trivial and advanced features (Trace Flags, Query Hints) and overall the strategies of getting the job done on time.

Focusing mostly on SQL Server 2012+ versions, this workshop will help you to understand through monitoring what are the things that can be improved in the process, strategy and mostly of the existing set of limits.
If you are a Business Intelligence Developer or DBA looking to tune up the ETL processes – this is definitely a workshop for you.

This year the main topic of the SQLBits is “Speakeasy – the great data heist“, which gives quite a lot of space for the imagination, and I expect a number of people to surprise us all with their creativity! ;) If you are coming over, definitely do not miss Friday evening party, which is epic to say at least! :)

Join me at the workshop “Optimising ETL on Microsoft Data Platform (SQL & Azure)” at SQLBits 2019!

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