Towards The New Beginnings

The year 2018 has been very intense for me professionally (a lot of engagement and a lot of work), plus that my family was steady asking for more time, and I wanted to realise a lot of personal projects/dreams – I have decided that I needed to make a break and we have agreed with Tillmann & Oliver that this would be a break for the last 6 months of the year 2018.

And so, without much fanfare & announcements, I have entered this pause, with no real work for the rest of the year 2018, starting with the July the 1st, doing whatever personal stuff I wanted to do (and maybe one day there will be something on this blog about it), enjoying time with my family & friends & thinking about my future.
As we have agreed to come to the topic of the future work in the beginning of October, and after that time came -it have simply meant that starting from now, in October 2018, I am beginning my real search for a new engagement, a new work – a new exciting project where I can be of a help to the people solving interesting & complex problems.
If you have something interesting – collaboration, consulting gigs or maybe even working for your company directly – please let me know.
As I am rather, in the terms of picking up a new project, a very slow & patient rider, – under no circumstances am I looking getting into full time engagement before January 2019, even if it means missing the opportunity of the lifetime.

What about my work at OH22

You might want to ask “What does it mean for your work at OH22?”, and the answer is very simple – The wonderful 4.5 years simply came to an end, and I am incredibly grateful to Tillmann & Oliver (well, in practice I would have to include everyone in the company, especially Gabi, Matz & Lars) for the good times, for all the fun, for all the wonderful projects we have realised. The incredible experiences, adventures and possibilities that have opened for me different worlds are something that I will truly cherish until the end of my life.
And yeah, I am absolutely looking forward to hang out with them at the PASS Summit 2018 (in just 2 weeks) – there will be definitely a lot of drinks and stories to share ! :)

6 thoughts on “Towards The New Beginnings

  1. Oliver

    Dear Niko,
    thx for your blog post especially on the 22th of october ;) 22 is always a good number :) And I need to feedback as well, that it has been a cool time working with you as you are one of the smartest, enthusiastic AND craziest person in the MS Data Platform World I know. Very happy to keep you as one of my best buddies in the #sqlfamily. :) and see you in the #SQLHouse in a few days. #CrazyPortucheese you rock :)

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