Tuga IT 2017 Tickets are on sale

I am glad to announce thatTuga IT 2017 Tickets are finally on sale!
Wait a second, you might think – on sale? How on earth and why in this galaxy (TM) are we asking for the money? What are we going to do with them ?
This blog post will give you the explanations, so please read along!

First of all, I would like to thank all of the 9 communities taking part in Tuga IT 2017 for listening and understanding our requests to make this arrangement work. You guys & girls are the best!
We have asked for some extra arrangements, because asking the entree fee in Portugal for community-organised events are not very common, to say at least.
We have also asked the participating communities from restraining from organising meetings 1 week before & after Tuga IT, in order to give a full focus of everyone in the month of may on this huge initiative.

The reasons that we have found for ourselves are listed below:
– Missing 50% of the registrations
– Providing warm lunch

Tackling the missing 50%

Since a couple of years, we have been tackling the problem of the people who would register at the events (SQLSaturdays, SharePointSaturday, Tuga IT, etc) and not appear at all. We had situations where well over 50% of the registered people did not appeared.
At Tuga IT 2016 we even had a huge problem that the excess of food that we have had, was not needed by any of the usual non-profit associations (Yes, we have been always giving the rest of the food away for the homeless people). The reason behind this was the Rock In Rio 2016 taking place at the same time, and they have given away so much food that almost all associations in Lisbon were not in the need of any food on that Saturday. We have managed to solve it, but it was not funny. :(
With a huge number of events in Lisbon, we have seen people loosing the responsibility of appearing on the events they are registering, and we are asking for a stronger commitment.

Giving the money back

For that money to each attendee we shall offer warm lunch.
Good food is even more important than good education!

So what about the price ?

The Price

10 Euros (€) for each of the days (Friday & Saturday).
After 1st of May 2017, the price will go up to 15 €s!
This is nothing for anyone working in the tech industry, and even the students should be able t

The community card

2 Months ago we have launched the initiative with the Community Card, that is valid for everyone attending meetings of the involved user groups. Attending 3 meetings will be enough to get a free ticket for our event and to get it, please ask the respective leaders at the user group meeting.

Register for Tuga IT 2017 now!

Last Warning: after 1st of May, the price will go up to 15 €s!

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