Launching Columnstore.NET

columnstore-netI am so glad that the time has arrived to announce my next project – the Columnstore.NET! This site will incorporate all useful information on the Columnstore Indexes & Batch Execution Mode, including blog posts (from different sources), presentations, case studies and much more!
The site will also incorporate different videos recored in the previous years by different presents, that have shown & explained Columnstore & Batch Execution Mode technologies.

I am planning on taking interviews with Program Managers and Developers of the Columnstore Indexes and Batch Execution Mode, trying to help them to explain their vision for the current and for the future of those amazing technologies.

I will also be publishing the details on the training courses that OH22 will be launching in the months to come, and so if you are interested in digesting available information on the Columnstore Indexes in a very short amount of time – please let me know.

Please bookmark the Columnstore.NET and stay tuned for the updates!

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