CISL 1.4.0 is released

CISL - Columnstore Indexes Scripts LibraryAnother happy release of the CISL (Columnstore Indexes Script Library) is live – this time it is 1.4.0!

This release is focusing on the addition of the Extended Events, so that a user of CISL can easily set up the events for each of the SQL Server (2012,2014,2016) or Azure SQL Database versions.

The Details of what’s new in CISL 1.4.0

– Extended Events installation (individual groups or all at once) of the all relevant & useful Events for all supported versions (SQL Server 2012, 2014, 2016 & Azure SQL Database).
There are following 7 different categories, between which all of the Extended Events are split:
1. Batch Mode – contains information on the details of the batch execution mode, with such events as ‘query_execution_batch_hash_join_spilled‘ or ‘query_execution_batch_hash_aggregation_finished‘, for example.
2. Errors (applies to SQL Server 2016 only) – contains information on the columnstore indexes errors & exceptions, such as ‘columnstore_log_exception
3. Index Creation – contains information on the index build & rebuild processes, such as ‘clustered_columnstore_index_rebuild‘ or ‘column_store_index_build_throttle
4. Internal Objects (applies to SQL Server 2016 only) – contains information on the internal proceedings such as ‘columnstore_dictionary_operation
5. Memory – contains information on the extended events focusing on the memory (columnstore object pool): ‘column_store_object_pool_hit‘, ‘column_store_object_pool_miss
6. Row Groups Elimination – contains just 1 extended event, which helps analysing the Row Groups Elimination (aka Segment Elimination): ‘column_store_segment_eliminate
7. Row Groups Reading – contains a number of events for better analysis of the Row Groups reading operations, such as: ‘column_store_rowgroup_readahead_issued‘ & ‘column_store_rowgroup_read_issued
8. Tuple Mover – contains extended events, useful for the Tuple Mover & Row Migration processes analysis, such as ‘columnstore_compression_delay_disqualified_rowgroup‘ or ‘columnstore_rowgroup_merge_start

– Includes information on all recent SQL Server updates, such as CU 2 for SQL Server 2016, On-Demand fix for CU 2 for SQL Server 2016, CU 9 for SQL Server 2014 SP1, CU 2 for SQL Server 2014 SP2, CU 14 for SQL Server 2012 SP 2 & CU 5 for SQL Server 2012 SP3.
There are informations on a number of important bug-fixes, related to the Columnstore Indexes.

– A good number of bug fixes, with such as:
1. Fixed Bug with Duplicate Fixes & Improvements (CU12 for SP1 & CU2 for SP2, for example) not being eliminated from the list
2. Fixed a bug for Memory-Optimised Tables not showing the total number of rows for the Dictionaries.sql
3. Fixed an extremely rare bug for RowGroups.sql with the sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats DMV, where it contains queries for the local databases object made from other databases only

Some small additions for the functionalities
1. Added support for the Indexed Views with Nonclustered Columnstore Indexes for the RowGroups.sql
2. Added new parameter for filtering the Columnstore Object Type with possible values ‘Table’ & ‘Indexed View’ for the RowGroups.sql

The CISL 1.4.0 release is already available on Github! So go ahead and download it!

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