Columnstore & Memory-Optimised Workshop in Redmond (10.31-11.02 2016)

Columnstore & InMemory WorkshopI am so happy that I can finally announce the very first Columnstore & Memory-Optimised Tables Workshop in the USA: on the 31st of October 2016 the Columnstore & Memory-Optimised Workshop will take place in Redmond, Washington!

This workshop will take course over the period of 3 days with the content covering Columnstore Indexes (Clustered, Nonclustered & Memory-Optimised Clustered) and Memory Optimised Tables (aka Hekaton) and I will be doing my deepest dive into these incredible technologies.

With over 50 different example scenarios over the course of 3 days we shall be looking into the OLTP & Data Warehousing performance optimisations, data loading, reporting on the live OLTP Systems and so much more.

The Columnstore & Memory-Optimised Workshop is the expanded version of the workshop, that in the past 2 years we have delivered to our clients as well as the public ones that we have organised in Europe.

I shall not reveal some of the things that I will launch before the workshop, but watch out this space, as the upcoming version of CISL will be massive, plus that project I was working for some time is about to be revealed (hint: it has something to do with the topics of this workshop)

In the spirit of supporting the user groups, we are offering 200$ discount for the SQL Server User Group members and we have already started sending that information to the user groups in the Northwest of the USA. Please check with your local user group on the details!

Sign up now! It will be fun!
Well, of course only if you like deep dives, because this workshop will not be the best option for someone starting with the SQL Server.

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