SQLPort in Aveiro

SQLPortIts not a big secret that Microsoft Data Platform community in Portugal has not stopped its expansion – we are trying a lot of new projects and new places, and as we reach the new destination, we unveil them 1 by 1. Sometimes we work on something that is not public, and we have to step back because it does not work the way we want, but today is a day when all stars have aligned perfectly.
Today, I would like to share that the very first SQLPort meeting will take place in the beautiful city of Aveiro on the 22nd of September. On that day me and Eduardo Piairo will deliver 1 session each, focusing more on the developer’s content and promoting our favourite data platform and the community.

Join us on 22nd of September at the Fusion Workplace, quite in the middle of Aveiro, the event itself is free and it will be a huge fun!

I would like to thank Ricardo Peres for the incredible support he has given, making the new city for the Microsoft Data Platform possible.

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