Delivering workshop at SQLBits XV

SQLBitsLogoSometimes one receives amazing gifts at the most unexpected moment. I was beyond thrilled to find out that I was selected to present a precon (workshop) at the biggest, the most important and the most celebrated Microsoft Data Platform Conference in Europe – the SQLBits. For me personally this will be one of the highlights of my professional career, even though I have co-delivered a workshop at SQLBits with Andreas Wolter in 2014, this time I will have nobody to support. This time it will be very different and I am deeply honoured by this chance and by this amazing opportunity.

Without any surprises you will find out that I will talking about Columnstore Indexes, since the workshop is named “Columnstore Indexes – from basics to optimised analytics” and you can register for it now.

This workshop will be a 1 day version of my 2 days Columnstore workshop, with larger focus on the Operational Analytics and SQL Server 2016 in general. I will be diving into some of the details that are still not published, optimisations and limitations of the newest Columnstore implementations plus I will be showing my CISL tool and it’s new version that will be presented for the first time at SQLBits exclusively.
Given that I will be doing much less presentations outside of Portugal, this will be one of 3-4 opportunities to catch me speaking in 2016.

Do not forget that the early bird discount is valid until the 14th of January 2016 and that you better move fast and register for it right now.
Join On May the 4th 2016 in Liverpool!

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