Announcing Workshops – Columnstore Deep Dive

Columnstore Deep Dive workshopsAfter 2 year of active blogging and almost 60 blog posts (56 + 3 on Azure) we have decided that it was the right moment to expand the ways of teaching & spreading information on the Columnstore Indexes and we (OH22) are kicking off with the public workshop classes, dedicated to Columnstore Indexes.

The very first public workshop will take place in Cologne on 13th of July 2015, at Microsoft Germany office in Cologne (Notice that it will be in German).

This workshop will be a full day training on Columnstore Indexes (Clustered & Nonclustered), focused on those who are working with Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions. Even if you are Database Developer or DBA, you will definitely find a lot of value in this workshop, since Columnstore Indexes are taking over significant part of the Reporting solutions in SQL Server.

You will learn a whole lot about Columnstore Indexes – starting from the basic principles and internal structures, their usage and limitation, diving then into troubleshooting and observing Columnstore Indexes behaviour using Dynamic Management Views, Extended Events & Resource Governor.
We shall dive into the Batch Execution Mode with explanation and examples on what it is, why it is so important and how can you make sure that most of the possible execution plan iterators are running in the Batch Execution Mode.

The main focus will be on the SQL Server 2014 with Clustered Columnstore Indexes, but we shall touch on the differences with SQL Server 2012 and I will explain the further developments in SQL Server 2016.

Learn in just 1 day and have your opportunity to ask any questions – I will spend whole day helping you out with your doubts & problems.

The 2 day workshops in Germany are already set for the 20th and 21st of October 2015, we are finalising the details – stay tuned. :)

More information in the nearest future will be available at OH22 Columnstore page.

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