Useful Links for learning & using in Data Quality Projects in SQL Server

Data Quality Services ClientData Quality Services in SQL Server is a component that is based around the concept of knowledge-driven quality.

Here comes a small collection of useful links, tools, components and blogs to watch. I have compiled it for myself in the first place, but ultimately decided to share.
This collection in no way pretends to be complete or anything close to it. Feel free to comment with useful links and resources.


TechNet Data Quality Services
A great place to start exploring all possible DQS resources.

Data Quality Services official blog
The official Data Quality Services blog from Microsoft.

MSDN Data Quality Services
Official documentation on the DQS from Microsoft.

Data Quality Services FAQ
Some of the most frequently answered questions that people are keep on asking.

Data Quality Services Forum
Read the problems that people are facing, that might help you avoid some of the issues.

Data Quality Services Installation
You better check it before thinking that you will use it right from the start.

Backup & Restore DQS Databases
Backup & Restore of the DQS Databases. A very important information

Upgrade for DQS
Very useful information, beware that you might need to reapply DQS Upgrade some of your Windows .NET components are updated. Also Cummulative Updates for SQL Server might require you to do the upgrade as well.

DQS Knowledge Bases and Domains
The place to start learning about Knowledge Bases & Domains.

DQS: How to find Blank/Empty values in your data
Good practical advise article on fighting NULLs and empty fields

5 blog post series on DQS
A great place to start right from the basics.

Fuzzy Lookups and Grouping in SQL Server
Good old article which delivers the value on Data Cleansing.


Data Quality and Master Data Management by Dejan Sarka & Davide Mauri
Great content for starting out with both of those services, with explanations on Master Data Management, Master Data Services as well as Data Profiling

MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-463): Building Data Warehouses with Microsoft SQL Server 2012
Official self-paced Training Kit, where you will find enough chapters dedicated to the MDS & Data Quality Services.

– Data Quality: The Field Guide – by Thomas Redman
Multiple people in the industry keep on referring to this book as the most important one. I am looking forward to get it in time for summer vacations.


MSDN Collections for Master Data Services & Data Quality Services
A nice collection of short videos on how to get started with DQS

TechEd Northern America 2012
2 Videos on the subject, with 1 being delivered by the Matt Mason & Matthew Roche

TechEd Northern America 2011
Developer Team Program Manager talking

Learn DQS at SQLBits with Allan Mitchel

DQS Video from SQLBits
Video from the Technical Launch of SQL Server 2012 in the UK (SQLBits)

SQLBits 2013 edition video on using DQS with SSIS
Tim Mitchell is talking about SSIS & Data Quality Services integration.


SSIS DQS Matching transformation
I have already blogged about SSIS DQS Matching transformation, it was written by Tillmann Eitelberg. If you want to do automated DQS Matching, you simply can’t escape without this download.

SSIS DQS Domain Value Import
Unfortunately in SQL Server 2012 (nor in SQL Server 2014), have Microsoft provided a possibility to automatically import Domain values into the Knowledgebase. This is easy to solve with one more great plugin from Tillmann Eitelberg.

Delete DQS Projects Created from Running SSIS DQS Cleansing Activities
Some time ago I have found my local VM having 14GB of space occupied by the DQS Projects, so I needed a fast cleanup.

Master Data Service Add-in for Excel
You better consider downloading SQL Server 2012 SP1 Feature Pack, which includes it as well.

People & Blogs:

Matthew Roche (this blog looks quite abandoned, but keep on watching since Matthew is one of the people who are dedicated on improvement of Data Quality and since he is working for Microsoft).
Dejan Sarka – One of the most well-known SQL Server Specialists. I have attended his EIM seminar at SQLRally Amsterdam and I can highly recommend to anyone wishing to learn DQS.
Tillman Eitelberg – SQL Server MVP, author of some of the most important DQS components and plugins, such as SSIS DQS Matching. Wish he could blog more and maybe there would be more people using DQS.

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