Conferences of 2013 in Review

I was reviewing the year 2013, trying to understand how many conferences I have managed to attend in the past year and this is what I have managed to count:

22nd of January: Business Intelligence Conference Portugal 2013 – I had a session “Twitter Data Analysis”. Really awesome conference pulled of by Microsoft Portugal
25th of January: SQLSaturday #185 Trinidad & Tobago – I presented a session on “Inheritance of a Database”. Nigel Sammy did an awesome job on organizing this conference and taking great care of the speakers.
16th of February: SQLSaturday #198 Vancouver – I had a pleasure of presenting 2 sessions there: “Inheritance of a Database” and “Becoming a Master”(a Lightning Talk).
17-23rd of February: MVP Summit in Seattle – this is all that I can write about it. :)
16th of March: SQLSaturday #188 Portugal – I did a session on “Hekaton” at the event that I have organized with the help of my friends in Lisbon.
6th of April: SQLSaturday #221 Holland – I attended this awesome community conference, organized by PASS Netherlands.
10-12th of April: PASS Business Analytics – I was there to be a part of the very first Business Analytics conference organized by PASS.
19th of April: SQLSaturday #196 Denmark – I attended and presented a session on “Twitter Data Analysis” at the very first SQLSaturday edition in Copenhagen. This was an absolutely awesome event which is definitely one of my favorite ones.
1-4th of May: SQLBits XI – the biggest european conference is an absolute must for anyone. This year I was lucky enough to get a presentation there: “Dynamic SSIS Packages generation”. I also did a lightning talk on “Becoming a Master”
18th of May: SQLSaturday #225 Kosovo – really awesome event where I presented on “Inheritance of a Database for Developers”. Dugi did an absolutely awesome job.
23rd of May: SQLSaturday #228 Riyadh – amazing conference with the best public I have ever had in my entire life. Hossam & Nabeel were doing an amazing job. I was selected to present 2 sessions – “Analyzing Twitter Data” and “Inheritance of a Database for Developers”.
25th of May: SQLSaturday #219 Kiev – great & enjoyable conference organized by Konstantin Khomyakov. I was selected to present 2 sessions – “Analyzing Twitter Data” and “Inheritance of a Database for Developers”.
7-8th of June: SQLSaturday #202 Edinburgh – Jen Stirrup organized remotely from London this conference. I was one of the very lucky ones to present there a session on “Analyzing Twitter Data”. I am really looking forward to this conference in 2014.
22nd of June: SQLSaturday #229 Dublin – one of the most luxurious SQLSaturday on this planet, I was in Dublin for just 24 hours and I was selected to present “Analyzing Twitter Data” as well as my Lightning Talk “Becoming a Master”. Really awesome organization.
24-28th of June: TechEd Europe 2013 – the biggest Microsoft Technology Conference in Europe with some awesome content and amazing number of Microsoft Data Professionals.
12-13th of July: SQLSaturday #230 Rheinland – one of the most awesome SQLSaturday I have ever been to. Why & how was it so awesome? – because of all the community feeling that it had, because of the number of community people involved and because of the total effort of making things working. I had a session on “PowerQuery” there.
7th of September: SQLSaturday #243 Capetown – I had 2 presentations at this event – both of them were about Clustered Columnstore Indexes:
14th of September: SQLSaturday #251 Paris – I attended the very first SQLSaturday in France, organized by GUSS with Jean-Pierre Riehl leading the efforts. Really great SQLSaturday, definitely breaking a lot of pre-conception such as that the French do not speak other languages.
28th of September: SQLSaturday #228 Cambridge – the one event that I will try not to miss as long as I can. Mark Broadbent and his team organizing one of the most amazingly awesome events, which is ran at one of the eldest universities in the World. Great community feel, Great team, Great people – If there is one community event that you can’t miss in the UK – than this is definitely the one. I did 3 sessions there: PowerQuery, Clustered Columnstore and a lightning talk “Becoming a Master”.
5th of October: SQLSaturday #258 Istanbul – Great event organized by Yigit, Turgay and their team. I have presented 2 sessions on Clustered Columnstore at this amazing event.
14-18th of October: PASS Summit 2013 in Charlotte – THE most important Microsoft Data Platform event in the world. Nuff said. I did a lightning talk together with Scott Stauffer and it was all about NodeXL.
26th of October: SQLSaturday #199 Bulgaria – One of the event you can’t miss – Mihail and his team did a job way beyond the call of duty. I loved every single moment of it. I have presented 2 sessions on Clustered Columnstore at this great event.
6-8th of November: SQLRally Amsterdam – great event with an amazing precon by Dejan Sarka. The first attempt to organize SQLRally in the central Europe and I am interested in seeing more – hope that next year André’s, Peter’s and their team’s effort will be going on. I presented a 400-level session on the Clustered Columnstore there.
18-21st of November: MVP Summit 2013 R2. Awesome!
2-5th of December: PASSCamp 2013 in Germany. Astonishing hands-on event, that really shows the potential of the upcoming technology for the community people. I did 4 labs there – 3 on Columnstore (Intro,Advanced & Datawarehousing) plus a full session on NodeXL.

I have also made 7 other presentations at the local events of SQLPort in Lisbon & Oporto, plus one more presentation for NetPonto in Lisbon.

All in all I have managed to attend 24 conferences (this is 2 per month on average), plus I have been at 15 User Group meetings in total and the total number of presentations that I have made is 40
I guess I will never do more trips and presentations in just 12 months in the rest of my life…

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