4th day of Community Christmas presents of 2014 (SQLSaturday Portugal Workshops BI)

This post is a continuation from my Series of Community Presents for 2014

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 22.56.12This time we share our SQLSaturday Workshops BI system, that we are using to evaluate progression on our workshops.

As the previous one, this one is developed by Paulo Matos as well. All of the data inside the file is fictitious but it has 5 workshops, exactly like our event has :)

Important: To start putting your data open the 2nd Tab “Workshop Data” and start editing both of the Auxiliar Tables: edit the name of the workshops, put the targeted registrations number, update the plane ticket costs and the hotel expenditures. Then edit the second Auxiliar table “Ticket Type” to define all possible ticket types and all associated taxes.

After that You just need to actualize the “Input Data” table on the same tab, where you can simply put the registrations as they arrive and go to actualize all data (Data->Refresh All) to see the changes on the dashboard.

Feel free to use your own data in order to track the progress of your SQLSaturday Workshop registrations.

SQLSat267-WorkshopsBI (89 KB, xslx)

Please, let us know if you are using it or you have suggestions on how to improve it.

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