As good as WordPress “Getz”

WordPress is as good as it Getz“. After just a couple of weeks of delaying, the new WordPress version is available. This is a second major upgrade for WordPress this year, which comes as a new politics of WordPress developers, but anyway, full of new enhancements the new WordPress version has arrived and we are all encouraged to upgrade to it.
Some explanation – Getz is the name of a one of the most famous and recognized tenor saxophone player Stan Getz. This way, wordpress continue giving the name of music artists to the new releases.

While still thinking whether i should upgrade the wordpress, i have noticed a new article at the WordPress dashboard, referring the security fixes that the new WordPress version includes.

Mark Jaquith wrote that there are some important security issues, which were fixed in the new WordPress version, but what is more interesting, that at the same day, at his blog he wrote
I’ll have upgrade files for 2.0.11 once it is released, and if 2.2 sees any security/bugfix releases, I’ll do upgrade files for those too. For me this is quite an interesting, that somebody posting 2 opposite things at the same hour.

What surprises me in this story, is the fact (if its really true), that no upgrade version for 2.1 and 2.0 branches has been released by now. WordPress has a good fame of supporting elder releases and leaving users who can not upgrade (mysql version problems for example) is quite a sad fact. I have thought about ignoring this release for a couple of days, or at least testing it locally, before upgrading, but this leaves no option but to do wordpress upgrade as soon as possible.

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