Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar

Microsoft has finally release the final version (1.0) of the infamous Internet Explorer Developer Tooolbar, which works exactly copies the functionality of the Web Developer Toolbar extension for Firefox. After 2 years of development, the first (1.0) version has arrived and is available for every web developer. Microsoft has promised to release a couple of free tools for web developers, and as a matter of a fact, i consider they are doing nice job (even when copying efforts of others) of fulfilling their promise.

Developer Toolbar simplifies a lot of functions for web developers, such as selectively disables some of the Internet Explorer functionalities, validates the content of xHTML and CSS, DOM handling, window resolution resizing, between others. My favorite and most useful functionality for Internet Explorer 6.0 is a ruler – for measuring size and distance of the xHTML elements. Having a lot of bugs, IE6 needs this functionality desperately, especially for the pages, with a lot of content. The other very useful functionality of this toolbar is the object id outlining – when editing CSS it is extremely useful to be able to consult the name of the specific object or objects, without digging into the HTML code.

If you don’t have, then get it as soon as you can, and if you are a beta user, then it is a time to upgrade, since it should bring some of the bug fixes.

Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar 1.0 download

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