It was about the time … Finally there are some movements in that direction, i don’t even want to remember the year 199x, when the last Html 4.01 version was publicated by the W3C. This post from the W3C Director Tim Berners-Lee finally makes understand that maybe in a couple of years, we will finally have something new. I believe, that it is an answer by the W3C on the critics from the most respected and influential people on the web, who lately even started threads in the sense of making changes inside the W3C.

There are a lot of people around the net, who already wrote articles on this matter, between them the most interesting in my opinion are from 456BereaStreet and the one from Anne Kesteren. Even with the lot of pessimism to be found around the web, like “we will see the first publication of the new HTML somewhere between 2010 and 2012”, i still think we should rejoice, cause spending 7 years for nothing is much worse, then having a first glimpse of the hope.

The things that i wish to see in this new version are: the most of the work from the WHATWG group called HTML5 (datagrid,input attributes!!!,and more semantics) , i have even written about it before, as well as the menu elements, which would finally bring some dynamic into the web development. You wont find a lot of sites, which don’t have menus, but still every time the developers have to write them almost from the scratch, and what is worse – in a couple of years a lot of them becoming buggy and/or unusable.

I have to confess, that it is a pretty exciting year so far, 2 new version of browsers (Firefox 2.0 and IE7), initial XmlHttpRequest standardization by the W3C and now even a new HTML … Nice … =O)

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